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Why am I obsessed with Titanic!

So here's a little post in English for all my foreign readers! Today on the Italian television is given Titanic so I thought of this little review that I wrote a month ago as part of an exam. It's very technical and I can't add anything more personal because I am up and running.

Besides, I wish I could watch it actually, but I have an exam tomorrow, so no way: I have to revise tonight!
Wish me luck for tomorrow!

My favorite film by far is Titanic. I ironically call it "the movie" because I have never found any other film as good as Titanic; it was awarded eleven Academy Awards, as proof that many others feel the same. I don't only like watching Titanic for the touching love story between Jack and Rose, but also for the host of topics mentioned.
During the film, there are references to many themes such as: the strict values of the Victorian age that make Jack's paintings scandalous, the treatment and expectations of women (Rose is pressured to marry Cal), the differences made by the social status of the characters (from leaving the ship in Southampton - where only the third class passengers are subjected to health inspections - to the famous scene where the life boats were only reserved for first class passengers).
Furthermore, this movie is full of cultural references: the Art Nouveau (reproduced faithfully in setting and clothing), the optimistic way of thinking, embodied by Mr. Ismay, an ignorant rich man; and the pessimistic way of thinking, represented by Mr. Andrews, the ship builder, who stared at a clock during the sinking of his ship, which I view as a sign of failure in science and math.
Finally, there are historical references. Molly Brown is a stereotype of the "new riches" where people became rich thanks to the discovery of mines. I personally think that Molly is one of the most realistic characters in Titanic. She has the right to stay amongst the wealthy because she has money, but she differs from them since she is a philanthropist (you can find examples of this when she helps Jack before the dinner with Cal and Rose's circle of friends, and when she wants to rescue people with the life boat after the sinking of the ship).
I have seen this film, and many documentaries about it hundreds of times, I once even quoted it in my Italian class work, but, no way, I always cry when Jack dies.

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