domenica 21 aprile 2013

Up in the air

Hey guys!

This week has been full of things, especially because sadly we lost my boyfriend's grandfather. There was a very sad funeral and I had to be with my boyfriend and his sister Gaia - who is 13.

But let's not talk about that and concentrate on the good things, like my make up session at Sephora: first of all I have to thank my friend Pially who suggested me the coupon. The session wasn't worth it because I could choose among a manicure and an application of a product on my face or my eyes or my lips. I had to go there with my make up already on so that they could help me with a very good product that they usually sell in their store. I chose to wear Sephora's blush - in the picture on the side I wasn't still wearing it because it was taken before the session. I would have liked to try the manicure but I had one nail broken and a Chanel polish that I didn't want to ruin. By the way every time I go to Sephora I see all those shop assistants' make ups with colours that I would never wear on my brown eyes, like pink or green, but they look so good on them!! I can't wait to buy new products and try them out.

Another memorable and happy fact about this week is of course the new 30 Seconds To Mars video, Up In The Air. It is completely in the band style, with gorgeous animals, sex, bodies, skinny models... but the thing that I sure love the most is the appearence of Dita Von Teese. Do you guys ship Dita and Jared together? After seeing this video I do!
For what concerns the music I am unhappy because there is a bit too much electronic, but of course before judging I will wait to hear the whole new album.

This week I also started listening to Sting and I have to say that I am fully in love with his music: I have his songs alredy on my iPod :D

Have a nice day!
PS: Today I and Giuseppe are officially together from one year and seven months!

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  1. cute blog:) And where are u exactly from? Just asking cause your Header is in german.. :)

    xx Daisy

    The Mandarine Girl

    1. I am from Italy but I totally love Germany, that why there's a German flag as a header. :)
      Thank you anyway!