giovedì 30 maggio 2013

Lana Del Rey!

My Born To Die autographed copy!

Hello! Do you guys like my new layout for the blog? There is still some work to be done, but I won't tell you anything in advance. ;)

As I promised here I am to tell you about Lana Del Rey's concert in Milan last May 7th.

The time alarm was set for the 4:40am, but we managed to get out of Elly's apartment in Milan at almost 5:30. We got to the Duomo in Milan with a tram and then we had to take the underground from there to Assago Forum, the location of the event, with the first train of the day. We got there when the undergound wasn't still open, but unfortunately the train was late and we got to Assago at about seven. Almost two and a half hours to get there!!

As Elly, Luca and I arrived we got numbered (as they do here to keep order) and I was number 47. There were people waiting from days! I knew some of them because there were a lot of former Tokio Hotel fans. I have been friend with a lot of them, but I personally think that their behaviour was crazy, especially if you think that some of them were there just for "sport" and to say that they attended a lot of concerts in the first row. Just to clarify, I am not envy or something, but I think that you can't fill your life with concerts, it's insane!

The waiting was of course the worst part of the day, because we had to wait for the gates to open more than twelve hours! I won't talk about all the people then arrived after us and trying to get in our queue because they don't deserve my attention.

As the gates opened everyone was running and, thanks to my training session in the weeks before the concert, I was able to get in the first row, even if I was in front of the lion on the right of the stage. We saw the Kassidy playing and their show was amazing (there were people saying that the next time they would be there for them!) and at 9:15 began Lana's show. The show was superb, she is really talented but the most memorable thing was that she was totally concerned about her fans. She got every board that fans sent her, she signed autographs and took photographs with her fans. I have never seen an artist caring so much of their fans like she did that night. I think that is something that makes her different. Also, another memorable thing was that she was so moved that she made a few mistakes while singing her songs - something that made her even more cute! I was lucky to get my Born To Die CD autographed, because everyone around me was giving her tickets, and as soon as she saw my CD she gave me the priority and signed my copy. So now I can say that my CD has been touched by its creator! :O

The concert finished and luckily I and Eleonora got to meet our long time friend Mels and her grandfather (lol), then we got home with a lot of bruises, aches and so on, thanks to the crowd behind us always pressing and pushing us. Anyway despite all the rude people arounf me I can't wait to see Lana again, her show was one of the most memorable. :D

Thanks to my friend Elly who came with me even if she didn't like Lana (I am pretty sure that after the concert she changed her mind!) and to Lana for being so gorgeous!

With Mels and Elly after the concert!

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