mercoledì 29 maggio 2013


Hi there!

I know it has been a lot since my last post and I am sorry not to have posted anything. A lot of things happened in the last month, of course if you follow me on Instagram you may know yet that I have been in Milan for Lana del Rey's concert.

I didn't know that Milan was so amazing, it was a complete surprise to me!
If you normally ask me which Italian city is my favorite one I say Rome. I still love Rome, but, after this experience, I'd say that Milan is more my cup of tea. I love hystoric cities, but I especially appreciate cities that offer a lot of opportunies. And Milan does that, it is full of events, concerts, galleries, like there's always something to do! Also, I was impressed by the class and the style of Milan inhabitants. You always see them wearing elegant clothes, something that, I have to say, made me feel inappropriate sometimes (like in Marc Jacobs where I was wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt!) . Of course you need financial sources to attend every single classy event in the city, but it is not all about money!
I really can't wait to go back to Milan, also because unfortunately I didn't have the time to meet with all my friends there. There are still some things to tell you, like Elly's house and friends,  Lana Del Rey's concert and so on, but now I am planning to watch the last episodes of CSI Ney York tonight, which I am totally addicted to! Have a nice evening! :)

ps. I changed the header, and I am planning to change it again. Thanks Genny Tutino for the graphics! Also, are you following me on Instagram yet?

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