domenica 9 giugno 2013


In those days I've been studying and going jogging so I don't have a lot of pictures to show you.
Plus, my Instagram decided not to work! Did that happen also to you? It crashed every frigging time that I tried to publish a picture. I was like "are you kidding me?" Like I know that I am not Miss Universe and all that stuff, but my Instagram was like in a state of emancipation. Suddenly two days ago it started working again so I finally updated a picture of me and my new friend on my neck. -.-

It's not a great story, I was getting ready to go to university last Monday to take an exam (that I eventually passed :D) and I burnt myself with my hair straightener. I didn't realize that I actually had a scar on my neck until I watched myself in the mirror of my boyfriend's car.
I do hope that the scar will diseappear because it's really big and disturbing. :(

Before I go I want you to know that Miley Cyrus Italia (that I run since 2008 with my two colleagues) has a new forum that you can find on Team World. Check it out because it's GREAT and, of course, I am one of the three moderators. We'll let you know about the fan actions that we are planning to do to promote the We Can't Stop music video.
Finally, for those who were asking me what if I didn't like the single: I love We Can't Stop but, like others have been saying it's a common party song anthem, with people saying that they can do whatever. I think that Miley is verrrry talented and can do MUCH MORE than that.
Anyway I like what I do with Miley Cyrus Italia, I like to translate, I like to plan fan actions and all the other stuff, so I am happy with that and lucky to have the possibility to do that, I know. :)

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